On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Carey Bunks wrote:

>     Sven> Hi, would somebody cry and whine if I check this in:
>     Sven> http://sven.gimp.org/files/lc_new_icons.png
>     Sven> IMHO a little facelift can't hurt and the anchor does fit
>     Sven> better with the Gnome icons. =
> I don't object to changing the icons but I'm against it for the 1.2
> release.  I think that since the GIMP is in feature freeze the only
> changes should be to eliminate bugs.  This is an important point for
> folks who are working on documentation, i.e., those working on GIMP
> books.  

Oops :)

I committed some new icons to stylize the L&C dialog, but whatever I do, I
will not be changing any metaphors or concepts in the icons so
documentation is still relevant. IMHO Gimp is anyway a moving target, and
I am just doing minor cleanup work on the icons so you dont need to worry.

I am also thinking of putting the Balloon splash screen, maybe with some
modifications, into 1.2 when it will be released. 


Speaking of minor stuff, maybe someone could re-arrange the layer mode
menus? Either sort it alphabetically with "Normal" on top and separated
from the rest? Or we could even group different modes together with
separators? Something like this:

        .-------- -- -
Mode:   | Normal     
        +---------- -
        | Behind     
        | Dissolve 
        | Multiply (Burn)
        | Divide (Dodge)
        | Screen     
        | Overlay    
        | Difference  
        | Addition   
        | Subtract
        | Lighten Only  <- do these differ from the above ones
        | Darken Only   <- (addition & subtract) ?
        | Value
        | Hue
        | Saturation
        | Color
        `------ -- -  

Or if someone comes up with a better order, no problem. The idea is the
separators there. Do you think they would be useful?    


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