On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Heh, this thread turns out to be some sort of Gimp-book authors meeting, so I 
> should probably throw my Euro 0.02 in here...
> IMHO cleaning up the user interface is one of the most important things that 
> have to be done after a feature freeze. See it like this: people have been 
> throwing nifty features, new plug-ins and tools into The Gimp for over a year 
> now. You can't just declare "Stop" and then release that. Icons, menus, 
> dialog layouts, everything has to be rethought and changed if necessary. This 
> is going to happen now! Only it has be carefully discussed what has to be 
> changed and in what way...

Yes, we have a big, beautiful mess of coolness (and some memory leaks too,
but such is life with a CVS version :). Now we need to make it a big,
ordered and intuitive mess of coolness.

> Salut, Sven 
> (Who is working on the update for "Gimp kurz und gut" right now)
> PS: Tigert, I like the new icons! What do you think about reordering them so 
> that Duplicate comes next to New?

Suits me, though it is just fine as it is too - no hitting duplicate
accidentally when wanting to make new layer or vice versa.. The arrows are
in between. But if you think it would be ok, go ahead. Though you want to
change it on all the notebook pages..


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