Quite right "stop" is not a good solution. There are as Sven says several
tasks todo after a "freeze". 

Cheers Olof

PS: Yes it's quite annoying for a writer when the UI or
functionality changes. But thats life and I assume that we all in the same

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Heh, this thread turns out to be some sort of Gimp-book authors meeting, so I 
> should probably throw my Euro 0.02 in here...
> IMHO cleaning up the user interface is one of the most important things that 
> have to be done after a feature freeze. See it like this: people have been 
> throwing nifty features, new plug-ins and tools into The Gimp for over a year 
> now. You can't just declare "Stop" and then release that. Icons, menus, 
> dialog layouts, everything has to be rethought and changed if necessary. This 
> is going to happen now! Only it has be carefully discussed what has to be 
> changed and in what way...
> Salut, Sven 
> (Who is working on the update for "Gimp kurz und gut" right now)
> PS: Tigert, I like the new icons! What do you think about reordering them so 
> that Duplicate comes next to New?

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