Thus spoke Olof S Kylander
> Gimp is a X11/UNIX program, which is designed to make use of three mouse
> buttons. I say get a three button mouse or don't use Gimp. It's a ton
> easier to use the middle mouse button than to remember a trillion mod key
> combinations.

2 button mice can be mapped to three buttons fairly easily, no matter which
X server you're using.

> I think the best way to avoid help mails is to have a system. Which I
> think I'm writing just now if I remember correctly ;-).

Except it doesn't seem to work on systems without GtkXmHTML installed.  I
don't have that on my systems Would it be possible for the build to recognize 
this and remove the Help option from the File menu?  The current dialog that 
pops in these cases (no GtkXmHTML) is fairly confusing to those who aren't 

Is GtkXmHTML a GNOME only thing now?  Can it be pulled from there either
into the Gimp or (better) into GTK?

> I say if you want a float use "to float", don't "force" an unaware user
> into floating selections.

If I understand what you're saying here, I agree.  The default behaviour
for moving a selection should be to move the outline, not the contents
(which forces a floating layer to be created).  Positioning of selections
happens more often than the actual moving of the selections contents. 

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