> Except it doesn't seem to work on systems without GtkXmHTML installed.  I
> don't have that on my systems Would it be possible for the build to recognize 
> this and remove the Help option from the File menu?  The current dialog that 
> pops in these cases (no GtkXmHTML) is fairly confusing to those who aren't 
> developers.
> Is GtkXmHTML a GNOME only thing now?  Can it be pulled from there either
> into the Gimp or (better) into GTK?

Yes, it could be copied out of gnome-libs into The GIMP, but I'm not absolutely
happy with this solution. A lot of our users will have gnome-libs (you don't
need the core!!) installed anyway and GtkXmHTML will enlarge the GIMP 
distribution even more. 

But having the help system installed everywhere is very important, so what I'd
propose is distributing GtkXmHTML as a seperate package. Any automake/autoconf
gurus out there that want to take the job ??

Salut, Sven

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