> Howdy folks.  Just doing some work and I noticed some UI inconsistancies
> between the 'core' gimp and some script-fu scripts, in particular the drop
> shadow one.  The color picker that comes up is a different one that what
> comes up when you click the (fore|back)ground color in the main program. 
> This one offers no hex triplet to put in and creates all sorts of weird
> results when I tried to duplicate the color from the 'core' color picker
> using the HSV and RGB numbers.  
> This, IMHO would be somewhere where you'd want to make the dialoge the same,
> to ease in transfering colors over, or even better, enable the user to be
> able to use the fore/background color from the main program, so there is no
> need to have to pick a color for your drop shadow (I use this as an example
> only because that is what I'm useing at this moment :) 

This is a known problem. The core color dialog can not be used easily from
plug-ins since it is implemented in the core, not in libgimp. Of course there
is more than one way how this could be changed and it is possible that we
decide to go one of them later, but we have a working solution already:

You can use DND between all color-pickers. The colorbutton used in Script-Fu
is a DND source and target. So if you want a specific color and prefer the
core colorselector, use it and drag the color over to the Script-Fu dialog.
You can also right-click the colorbutton and use the menu which offers to
import the foreground / background color.

Salut, Sven

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