Simon Budig wrote:

> Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > > How about some comments for feature triage? There are some features in
> > > Gimp 1.1.x which are buggy or unusable, yet stay the same for weeks

> <snip...>

> Ill try to do something on the tool in the next time, but as always I
> cannot promise anything. The first thing would be the API cleanup, the
> second thing would be to prepare the conversion to a selection, but bound to
> some strange events, since we need the Integration for the right way to
> do it.

If there were one feature of Simon's path tool that I would like to have
automagically appear in the Integrated path selection tool, it is the ability
to manipulate the curve by "pulling" on it directly. it is a very pleasant
way to adjust curves. It's effect needs to be adjusted near control points;
bezier basis functions associated with the first and fourth control points
grow expotentially to unity, so manipulating Simon's path near control
points can be a tad exasperating.

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