> > I have changed the core so that it does not accept zero resolutions. 
> > 
> > Additionally I have changed all plug-ins that try to set the resolution 
> > to check the value and simply don't set it at all if it is invalid. Gimp
> > will then use the default set up by the user.
> Perl, IIRC teaches us that "There's always more than one way to do it",
> while it seems that Gimp teaches us that "There's always more than one
> place to change it."
> If we do not accept arbitrary values for xresolution & yresolution we
> need to check for this in image_set_resolution_invoker as well. This
> is the approach I've taken in current CVS.
> Alternatively we could change image_set_resolution_invoker() and
> similar functions to be thin wrappers around core functionality --
> I do not have time to do that, but perhaps someone else does?

Oops, I thought (but should have checked) that image_set_resolution_invoker 
was calling the gimp_image_set_resolution() in app/gimpimage.c. And probably
it should since the core function keeps the undo_stack in sync by calling
undo_push_resolution (gimage). On the other hand if called from the PDB, we
probably don't want to gdisplays_shrink_wrap (gimage)...

Salut, Sven

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