Simon Budig wrote:

> Garry R. Osgood ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> <snipped...>  bezier basis functions associated with the first and fourth
> control points
> > grow expotentially to unity, so manipulating Simon's path near control
>                         ^^^^^  infinity?

It waves at unity on its way to infinity ;)

Though, strictly speaking, since the mapping is
from the parameter space interval [0,...1] to
the real line, the behaviour of the basis functions
are moot for a parameter t < 0 or t > 1; the
bezier basis functions partition unity (they always
add up to one), and, at the zero boundary, the basis
function scaling the first control point is just
unity, the functions scaling the other points
vanishing, which is why I had unity, not infinity,
in mind. We can be both right; depends on how
picky one wants to be in restricting the domain.

I did look at the two path implementations last
evening; I'm not particularly familiar with the
code, so a clear integration path did not suggest
itself. My schedule is reasonably light for
January, will get hectic after, and though I've
tasked myself primarily to bug detection/fixing,
if there's a piece of this you think you can
subtask, let me know.

Timing, however, is very tight. If we keep our
collective promise of releasing in March 2000
(like, March 31, 2000) then we only have 81
shopping days left.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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