> It's the start of a new year, and my mind turns to Spring cleaning already
> How about some comments for feature triage? There are some features in
> Gimp 1.1.x which are buggy or unusable, yet stay the same for weeks
> at a time. Without paid staff to do this work, we must throw away [*]
> stuff that's not going to make it. On my short list...
> * Resizable toolbar


I hope we can get the wrapboxes to work. They are considered to be part of
GTK+-1.4, so it should be possible to fix this. As a workaround I'd suggest 
making the layout (horizontal, vertical) a preferences option and disable the 
interactive resizing. 

> * Natural airbrush

Olof ?

> * Error Console (well, here it is, but where are my errors?)

I don't see your problem. I do get my errors in the error-console. All
that's missing IMO is a way to set the error_console as the default
error_handler in the preferences. That should be easy and is definitely worth
the effort.

> * Display Filters

Are being worked on actively in the last time and the latest CVS version has
a working Gamma filter.

> * Paths

Simon ?

I think we can wait a little longer with the decision about the removal of
the two new tools, Path and Xinput Airbrush, since they don't interact with
any other part of the GIMP and can very easily be removed if necessary.

Otherwise I'm all for pushing The GIMP into 1.2 as soon as possible. 

Salut, Sven

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