On 23 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

>>  I sent a newer patch in my last mail. It should do everything we
>>  need for now.
> No, it will most likely crash the Gimp (explanation of the usage
> of GSList in a private mail)

 No, it won't. Since g_slist_append COULD change the value of the
 the beginning but does not. Anyway, I have had it in my code the
 recommended way but it got lost while cutting and pasting. No it's
 there again.

> and it won't work the first time the plug_in is started.

 That's right, was a braino, is changed now. 

> I'll check my code in in a few minutes. Should provide a framework
> to add the rest upon.

> Ok, I'll try:  Right now we will have to iterate through all domains
> when trying to translate the menus. Since we know what domain the
> plugin is in, we are able to choose the right one when its procedures
> try to install the menupath. Since that is done from plug_in.c it
> would be possible to pass the domain to the menu_item_factory code. Of
> course we will still have to bind to all domains in our list.

 Hm, makes sense to me. Will look at this later. 
 I'd also recommend getting rid of this "let's add the submenus for the
 plugins" hack. I have something more dynamic in mind which will also
 work for external plugins and possibly reduce code size and bugprobability.

> PS: BTW, I did not ment you and Marc in my comment about the print
> plugin.

 Okay, sorry then.

> Why do you think so?

 Well, you are quite offensive in the last time concerning me and you
 mailed Marc and me concering a patch which was wrong not too long ago.
 Back to work:

 New patch, also containing a proper cleanup function and the necessary
 call in app_procs.c appended. 




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