On 23 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> The core would then have to try to bindtextdomain() to all
> possible paths until success (or total failure if no message
> catalog was found).

 You can't find out whether bindtextdomain failed or not. The only
 way to get the information whether a catalog is available in a path
 or not is to find the files yourself and then register them with the
 right path. :(
 Welcome to the nice world of gettext.

 Anyway, I'd really like to leave the decision where to install a
 catalog to the plugin. Considering that most of the external plugins 
 will get their own configure script it would be simple to find a 
 convinient place for the catalog, assign it to a #define and use this
 define in the sourcecode of the plugin.



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