On 23 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Ok, one shouldn't just bitch about other people's code, so here is my
> patch that adds an optional locale_domain and locale_path to the
> plugin structure and extends the pluginrc code to read and write that
> information from/into the pluginrc. This code is obviously a few
> lines longer than what Daniel proposes, but it seems to work very
> well here.

 Great! I'll have a look.

> The locale information is optional and if the locale_domain is given,
> there _can_ be an additional locale_path entry. The code handles the
> case that pluginrc registers the locale_domain twice (by using the
> last given entry), but that should never happen unless the user edits
> the pluginrc by hand.

 Hm, I don't really now whether this assumption is safe, but anyway it's
 a thing we don't have to fiddle with right now.
> You will find the patch at
> http://sven.gimp.org/files/locale_parse.patch.
> It only contains the code to read, store and write the locale info for
> the plug-ins. This will have to be extended to do build a list out of
> this entries (eventually checking for the existence of the given
> paths). Other necessary parts can be taken from Daniels patch.

 The code for building the list is also there.



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