I have thought about the problem a little more and there's one
question that has not been addressed until now. How should the
plugin now where its mo-file will be installed? If we want to 
stay with the existing procedure that the plug-in may be 
installed in a configured list of paths, it does IMHO not make
sense to hardcode the path to the mo-file into the plugin so
that it can register it together with its domain.

The only solution I came with up until now is to have a 
configurable list of po-paths defaulting to the standard path 
for message catalogs $prefix/share/locale and to ~/gimp/locale. 
The core would then have to try to bindtextdomain() to all
possible paths until success (or total failure if no message
catalog was found).

Is there another solution for this?

Salut, Sven

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