Hi Ulf

>  An example would still be useful, however, (especially an
> example where the GIMP manual is hard to read due to misplaced
> images).

I'll mock something up - but not for a little while - getting swamped..

>>>> 3. Section 1.2 needs to tell me *how* to install the context
>>>> sensitive help
> Maybe, but I can't do anything here.

It can be solved by putting the *existing Win help installer* on the GIMP 
website (see my previous message)

> (BTW, glossary entries should be short, providing e.g. a
> simplified summary/definition of the respective item, IMHO.)

Yes, I agree :)

> Ok, so it looks like we have to
> (1) rewrite I.3.1 (based on the - adapted - wikipedia article and
>      the glossary entry?),
> (2) add an index entry which refers to I.3.1, and
> (3) write a new (short and basic) glossary definition.
> Correct?
> I volunteer myself for (2).

The easy one, eh? ;)

I don't mind having a shot at it if no-one else bites, but again not for a 
little while, and furthermore I fear I'm not yet familiar enough with the GIMP. 
So preferably someone else will volunteer?

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