Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Wednesday, 01. September 2010)
> Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> > David (Monday, 30. August 2010)
> >> Images would be better right or left aligned,
> >> definitely not inline as at present.
> > 
> > I don't see the problem (but that doesn't mean anything...). Can
> > you provide some examples (e.g. GIMP vs. $OTHER_PROG manual)?
> Just as in (many) books. The images are mostly placed to the left
> or right side with the text surrounding it. Often more readable
> that the way it is set up now.

Just checked a few books: 4 x images centered, 1 x left aligned, 
but no floating images (where text surrounds the images).

> Well, perhaps a matter pf taste?

And also a matter of image size?

> In Windows installing programs are much simpler than in Linux.

There are several nice GUI programs for package management, so I doubt 
that your statement is (still?) correct. ;-)

> Mostly you start an installer and that's it. The average Windows
> user normally do not know how to install packages like in Linux.

So the problem seems to be that we don't (can't?) provide Windows 
packages. BTW, we also don't provide Linux packages - the various 
Linux distributions do.

Ulf (late, as usual)

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