Hi Ulf

I probably should have replied specifically to your points.

> The HTML manual contains more than 500 HTML pages. IMHO using your
> browser's bookmark feature will probably much easier and faster than
> searching for a link somewhere in the manual...

The trouble is that *nowhere* is there a link out. The manual is a dead end; 
isn't that poor web practice?

However the solution may be very simple. Use a layout like
with "wilber | GIMP" in the top orange bar to the left, linked to gimp.org. 
That's how I did it in my mock-up.

>> Images would be better right or left aligned,
>> definitely not inline as at present.
> I don't see the problem (but that doesn't mean anything...). Can you
> provide some examples (e.g. GIMP vs. $OTHER_PROG manual)?

Are you familiar with the F shaped scan that readers' eyes are supposed to use 
on web pages? It's all to do with getting at the info quickly. So, I'm 
suggesting putting the readable info where the eye goes. I'll mock up some 
where I feel I'm currently being overwhelmed by images, if that seems likely to 

> We changed the style when the layout of the gimp home page changed.
> But you can switch to the old GIMP-2.2 ("gimp22") style (check the
> "View" menu of your browser). This works for online and offline
> version.

I just learnt something - thank you.

>> 3. Section 1.2 needs to tell me *how* to install the context
>> sensitive help

> This seems to be a common Windows problem.

A good idea to have it in the manual then :)

>> I can share further specific points if there is interest
> Definitely yes. :-)

OK, then  :) :
section I.3.1
     In GIMP, Channels are the smallest units of subdivision in the stack of 
layers from which the image is constructed."

That's wrong! The 'smallest unit of subdivision in a stack of layers' is 
(probably) 'one layer'. I actually thought GIMP had a different 
definition/concept to everyone else on reading that, and I read it several 
before deciding to ignore it. The manual needs rewriting here with a small 
picture to clarify. I'm a bit hesitant to give specific text, because I'm not 
clear how GIMP views itself.

Incidentally, at the top of that page we have:
"everything mentioned here is so high-level that you can easily locate it in 
index" - so
Try looking for 'channel'...
Confusing number of entries, aren't there? Unfortunately not one to I.3.1. :(
Only one looks promising:
Introduction, Glossary
"A Channel is a single component of a pixel's color."

Oh dear, that's not the same as
nor I believe is it what Section I.3.1 is trying to define.

There's an alternative definition further down, but it's too late then - the 
user (me) is already confused.

Noting that the glossary (presumably intended to be the 'full' explanation of 
'channel') has much the same length of text as in Section I.3.1, my suggestion 
here would be to nail the thing properly in Section I.3.1.

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