On Monday 13 August 2012 18:58:24 maderios wrote:
> On 08/13/2012 03:55 PM, Jim Clark wrote:
> > I have just downloaded a sound processing program called Audacity.
> > Putzed around, hit save and was told "This will save in Audacity's
> > native format; for wave files use 'Export'." I was telling my son
> > about the grief the developers were taking and, surprise, that's how
> > Audacity does the same thing and he said, "That's also how Photoshop
> > does it."
>    You confuse professional and amateur work.....
>   I'm Audacity user. It works well for "amateurs", not for professionnal
> people. You can't compare it with Gimp. Gimp is used by professional.
> When you build an  image, it needs hundred and hundred operations.
> Imagine You may create images every day... The new weird and boring
> Gimp-2.8 behavior (concerning  "save" or "save as" functions)  is not
> compatible with professional work. Sorry...
> Regards
> Maderios

LibreOffice is another good example. If you open a .doc and Save, it will ask 
you if you want to save it in native Open Document format. Inkscape will not 
save a PNG, you'd need to Export it. Save will make your file an SVG or SVGZ.


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