"But, continuing to *argue* here is fruitless."

This is most certainly and sadly true.

On 8/13/2012 11:20 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* maderios<mader...@gmail.com>  [08-13-12 14:09]:
Libreoffice doesnt ask you, you choose or write what you want.
When you want to save with Libreoffice, or any editor, you are free to
choose the name or extension. It's just GTK dialog, clear and quick.
  Impossible with Gimp-2.8. It's a regression.

In *your* eyes and you are entitled to your *opinion*.  You have been told
it is to be, why do you continue to argue?

You have been provided a ?work-a-round?.

Seems you have four choices/avenues available:
   1.  Akkana Peck's plug-in
   2.  Create a fork
   3.  Use different software
   4.  Use GIMP as provided

But, continuing to *argue* here is fruitless.

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