* maderios <mader...@gmail.com> [08-13-12 14:09]:
> Libreoffice doesnt ask you, you choose or write what you want.
> When you want to save with Libreoffice, or any editor, you are free to
> choose the name or extension. It's just GTK dialog, clear and quick.
>  Impossible with Gimp-2.8. It's a regression.

In *your* eyes and you are entitled to your *opinion*.  You have been told
it is to be, why do you continue to argue?

You have been provided a ?work-a-round?.

Seems you have four choices/avenues available:
  1.  Akkana Peck's plug-in
  2.  Create a fork
  3.  Use different software
  4.  Use GIMP as provided

But, continuing to *argue* here is fruitless.
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