On 08/13/2012 07:43 PM, Archie Arevalo wrote:

On Monday 13 August 2012 18:58:24 maderios wrote:

> On 08/13/2012 03:55 PM, Jim Clark wrote:

> > I have just downloaded a sound processing program called Audacity.

> > Putzed around, hit save and was told "This will save in Audacity's

> > native format; for wave files use 'Export'." I was telling my son

> > about the grief the developers were taking and, surprise, that's how

> > Audacity does the same thing and he said, "That's also how Photoshop

> > does it."


> You confuse professional and amateur work.....

> I'm Audacity user. It works well for "amateurs", not for professionnal

> people. You can't compare it with Gimp. Gimp is used by professional.

> When you build an image, it needs hundred and hundred operations.

> Imagine You may create images every day... The new weird and boring

> Gimp-2.8 behavior (concerning "save" or "save as" functions) is not

> compatible with professional work. Sorry...


> Regards

> Maderios

LibreOffice is another good example. If you open a .doc and Save, it will ask you if you want to save it in native Open Document format. Inkscape will not save a PNG, you'd need to Export it. Save will make your file an SVG or SVGZ.

Libreoffice doesnt ask you, you choose or write what you want.
When you want to save with Libreoffice, or any editor, you are free to choose the name or extension. It's just GTK dialog, clear and quick.
 Impossible with Gimp-2.8. It's a regression.
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