On Mon, 13 Aug 2012 08:55:05 -0500, Jim Clark wrote: 

> Are you
saying you would like to see the thousands/millions of contented users
say so? Please don't encourage that! (Though I am one.) My mail box is
already full to overflowing with this discussion that is clearly going
nowhere. Remember the serenity prayer--there are some things that just
are and you've got recognize them 
> This is one. 
> I have just
downloaded a sound processing program called Audacity. Putzed around,
hit save and was told "This will save in Audacity's native format; for
wave files use 'Export'." I was telling my son about the grief the
developers were taking and, surprise, that's how Audacity does the same
thing and he said, "That's also how Photoshop does it." 
> Please.
> Thanks-
> Jim Clark

My exact feeling.


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