On 04/12/2013 08:33 AM, FriendlyBeginner wrote:
Hello Jay,

With GimpUsers forum, am I supposed to type above or below what I'm responding
to? If I select and start typing below the responders text, does this
automatically create the window at the top of my response in the final view?

Jay...I have thousands of cards, not just "things to do" cards, with a lot of
scribbling & writing on them; sometimes a lot of tiny scribbling, drawing etc

I believe you are following a pretty good path, but one so far outside the scope
of GIMP that the answers you've received so far are missing your main goal.

You've used GIMP very effectively to capture your cards. What I believe you
want to do next is reorganize them - and to update and change your mind
about the organization whenever it feels right.

Jay is suggesting a data base approach - but it seems to me you just want to
move things around by dragging them from one folder to another. Unless you
have a way to capture the scribbles and interpret them, you most
likely will find displaying your folder contents as icons and dragging them
from one to another is pretty much all you can do.

  -- Burnie
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