Your steps are pretty much the same as mine.  The misunderstanding Iguess
is that, after I export,  the .jpg file disappears.  Yes, the original
image is there, with all it's layers and that is good, but at this point, I
am finished with the .xcf file and I want to see the jpg.  But it is gone,
so I have to re-open it.  i may tweak it for the agent or gallery, but I
can't save it and send it to them,  because as soon as I re- opened it,  it
became .xcf again.  so I have to export again, and, again, it disappears,
so I hve to open the jpg again, and of course it reverts to ..xcf again
...   it's not the exporting that is causing the trouble-- that's easy
enough to do.  it's the fact that after I export to jpg, the jpg disappears
and I have to keep re-opening it.   Not good.  Yes, the original file is
still there, but my agent does not want that one.

On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 1:20 PM, Tom Williams <> wrote:

> On 06/14/2013 08:14 PM, Helen wrote:
> > It would take too long a message to do justice to your question, but
> > a quick version goes something like
> > My agent sends a jpg of the card she plans to mail out, asking me to
> edit.
> > I edit, save to jpg becasue tha's what she wants, and it has now
> > disappeared off my screen.
> >
> This is truly bizarre.  I'm running GIMP 2.8.4 on Ubuntu 13.04 Linux
> (64-bit) and I just tried this and did not get the behavior you
> describe.  Here is what happened for me:
>  1. I open a JPEG file in GIMP
>  2. I make an edit (like erasing part of it)
>  3. I right-click on the image and click "File", then "Export" and
>     export to JPEG format
>  4. I set the JPEG save options and save the file
>  5. The original image is *still* displayed and I must manually close
>     the window.  When doing this, I'm prompted to save the file or not.
>     After doing this (regardless of my saving or not), the image goes
>     away and I'm left with the default image window with no image loaded
> What exact steps do you follow to save the image to JPEG format after
> making your initial edits?
> Peace...
> Tom
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