On 01/02/2014 08:48 PM, Daniel Hauck wrote:

> Yes and I'm pretty sure most people are getting what I'm driving at
> -- standards of function, design and behavior.

I never read more than one or two messages per 100 in "Save Vs.
Export Blows Goats (I Have Proof)" threads, but if what you are
driving at is standards of function, design and behavior, I'm all
for that!  As a quality assurance and production design geek,
Standards is kind of my thing.

The GIMP has been the default "major" photo editor for the *NIX
ecosystem for so long that some of its GUI components are widely
used across numerous Linux distributions.  The GIMP is a "standard
setting" project and product.  I think this might explain it better
than I can, do give a listen:




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