On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 3:54 AM, Steve Kinney wrote:

> I'm all for "standards of function, design and behavior."
> Like for instance, when the GIMP saves a file, this file preserves
> the state of the project's work in progress; it is a project file,
> not an image file.
> And for instance, when creating a file formatted for end use by any
> of numerous applications, that's "exporting the project" as a
> finished product, e.g. an image file.
> A user has to do one [1] extra extra mouse click or keyboard
> shortcut to "discard" a project that has been exported without being
> saved.  That's a reminder to save the work if it might be of any
> future use.  As such it's a common and expected feature, seen across
> a range of software from word processors and desktop publishing
> packages to video editing suites.  This feature imposes no hardship
> on any user and occasionally prevents lost work.

OK, so you got it right. Awesome :)

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