03 янв. 2014 г. 22:55 пользователь "Steve Kinney" <ad...@pilobilus.net>
> On 01/02/2014 08:48 PM, Daniel Hauck wrote:
> > Yes and I'm pretty sure most people are getting what I'm driving at
> > -- standards of function, design and behavior.
> I never read more than one or two messages per 100 in "Save Vs.
> Export Blows Goats (I Have Proof)" threads, but if what you are
> driving at is standards of function, design and behavior, I'm all
> for that!

Are you all for that _what_?

Did you study how other software of this kind works? I'm specifically
referring to apps that have a concept of layering data and/or mixing
different kinds of data (bitmaps, vector shapes, video, sound, etc.).

GIMP falls under that category and foĺlows the convention that only project
data should be saved, and delivery data should be exported. There are some
exceptions, of course, but it doesn't mean that GIMP should follow those.

We have discussed this way too many times, and if you realy only read 2
mails out of each 100 in these threads, my suggestion would be to actually
study the subject closer first, and going "all for that" later when you can
really have an informed opinion.

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