On Mon, 2014-01-13 at 11:27 -0500, Helen wrote:
> I now have village.xcf with all layers preserved
> I finish the picture, and do two steps:
>   file > save, and then
>   file > SaveAs > village.png

Yes - I do this often too...

> I now have two copies of my creation, one with layers, and one flattened.
Yes, two copies on disk. Only one copy in GIMP's memory - you just have
the flattened image. You experted a copy of this image to disk.

> The village.png is now the one I see on my screen; title bar confirms
Right - well, the name on the title bar is just the name you last saved as.

>  Now, in gimp 2.8

>    file > export
> I now have a flattened image named village.png
> So I need to scale it, make it small enough to email or upload
> But unlike in 2.6, I can’t simply proceed to do that. I have to re-open
> village.png
> ( Can't work on an image that's now showing on the monitor)

Why? What happens *exactly* when you try?

For images on fromoldbooks.org I flatten, resize, export, undo the
resize, resize to a different size, export again, repeatedly. My main
difficulty is keeping track of whether I remembered to export before
doing the "undo" :-)

Note that the image title bar in GIMP has changed the way it works
between 2.6 and 2.8, so that image windows are labeled differently.

But the image in gimp's window is neither in xcf not in png - those are
disk and interchange formats, not the in-memory GIMP format.


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