I now have village.xcf with all layers preserved
I finish the picture, and do two steps:

    file > save, and then

    file > export

I now have a flattened image named village.png

So I need to scale it, make it small enough to email or upload

But unlike in 2.6, I can’t simply proceed to do that. I have to re-open

Hi Helen, from my understanding you are wanting to keep the original image (village.xcf) at the original size and resize the .png to a smaller size to email, without re-opening the image. You need to have a look at 'Save for Web' as you can save to .png and resize without altering your original image (village.xcf). Once saved the .png file will be the smaller size without re-opening and the vilage.xcf will not be affected.

Hope this helps ?

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