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Sven Burmeister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I am using Suse 9.0 and KDE 3.1.4 with gimp 1.3.2

If that's really version 1.3.2 you are using then an update would long
be overdue.


thanks for the quick hint.

In fact un update was overdue as it seems, do not know why Suse still supplies that old version.
Anyway, using the 2.0pre I still have the problem that when I select two files in Konqueror and open them with gimp-remote -n I get one gimp instance and only one picture. If I select more than two e.g. 4 and open them I get gimp, gimp<2>,<3>,<5> and only three images opened.

And still there is no option in the preferences to never open more than one instance.


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