Sven Burmeister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Glad to hear that, even if that means that since nobody could tell me
> how to workaround this issue, it will persist for me till 2.2 so
> probably for a year till 2.2 is out.

Even if the functionality was built into the gimp executable, there
would still be a race condition if Konqueror continues to behave this
way. So if our guess is correct and Konqueror really calls gimp for
each of a group of selected images instead of doing a single call with
a list of images, then this will have to be fixed in Konqueror. Any
attempt to fix this in another application cannot possibly work
reliably. Let alone the fact that it would be horribly inefficient.
Actually I cannot believe that this is the case. Given the time it
takes to startup a C++ application (and almost all KDE apps are such),
it would be insane to do it this way.

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