Robert Krueger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>     I cannot locate the particular file or text that seems to be
> confusing pkgconfig into thinking that 2.3.6 is still on the system.
> It was installed in the early stages of trying to solve this problem,
> but has since been removed.   Glibc on my system is 2.3.3, which is
> "stock" for 9.1, and in compliance with gimp 2.01 requirements.
>     As there is no other glib*.pc file on my system, the information
> concerning 2.3.6 is obviously coming from somewhere else, and locating
> this source seems to me to be the most important direction for me to
> take, if I had a clue as to where to look.

The answer has been given to you already. Let me quote it again:

 Thong Nguyen wrote:

 It seems to me that pkg-config returns one version and the linker
 finds another version, in this case pkg-config returns 2.2.3 and the
 linker finds 2.3.6.  I would try to update the list of files the
 linker uses to find libraries to link by doing ldconfig as root.
 If that doesn't work then try editing /etc/ld.so.conf, or where
 ever that file is if you system uses this this and rearrange the
 paths for the libraries to list the version returned by pkg-config

You have traces of an glib-2.3.6 development version in your system
path which causes the compiler and linker to find a different version
than what pkg-config reports. Details that might help to locate these
files can be found in the file config.log.

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