Greg Rundlett wrote:

With other platforms or distros, you're potentially going to run into "blockers". These are issues that GIMP developers/testers/volunteers might want to address in a) an install script (if that is even possible) or b) an install guide.

I expect the more 'polished' software to have installers that take care of the complexities. does a good job of hiding the complexities, and Mozilla has been more recently successful in this area as well. I think GIMP, and GTK are essential parts of the Free Software desktop, so I hope that any ordinary user can take advantage of them.

All I am reporting is that it can be difficult to install GIMP. If I were capable of making it easier to install, I would.

Well, it is hardly GIMP's job to care for all the requirements of the platform you're using... maybe you should complain on a Fedora mailing list instead?

Note that it is Debian's package management system and the Win32 installer that makes installing on Debian and Win32 easy, not The GIMP.


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