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Steve Litt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm sorry. I didn't mean I was a *gimp* developer, just a free
> software developer: UMENU, VimOutliner, EMDL, and a few other
> projects. None of these come close to rising to the complexity and
> utility of Gimp, but in all cases a major priority was easy
> installation in a wide variety of situations. If a tool was hard to
> install, I didn't use that tool for development. In one case I had
> to create a "poor man's DOM" that was much easiler to install than
> Xerces-Perl. This might be considered "reinventing the wheel, but it
> made installation a whole lot easier.

The point is that we do take a lot of care of what dependencies to
introduce or not to introduce and we have quite often refused to add
new build dependencies because the benefit of using that tool or
library didn't outweight the extra hassle for the user who has to
install it.

Coming from other projects and trying to tell us what to do without
even knowing how things are already handled can be perceived as quite
an offense. It definitely shows that your comments are poorly

> This thread started when someone couldn't install Gimp on SuSe,
> which is mainstream and recent. Another anecdote in this thread
> featured Fedora Core, another mainstream, modern distro. I've read
> other anecdotes in other threads of people having extreme difficulty
> installing Gimp2.

I am sorry but SuSE 9.0 isn't recent and there shouldn't be a problem
to install GIMP on a more recent version of SuSE nor is it a problem
on Fedora Core 2. Basically all we depend on is a platform that has
GTK+ >= 2.2. If that requirement is fulfilled, installation is
straight-forward. There are several hundreds if not thousands of
applications that depend on GTK+2. For this reason any recent
distribution includes it. Whoever runs into problems to install GIMP2
on Linux should consider to update the Linux distribution or at least
check if GTK2 (and perhaps even GIMP2) packages are available.

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