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> rob wrote:
> >Rember you need all the -dev rpms if you want to compile stuff.
> >
> >It would be a much much beter idea for you to install the rpm. Ditching
> >suse for debian would also be a good idea.
> >  
> >
> I too had literally the worst experience thus far in my Linux life 
> trying to install GIMP 2.0 on a Fedora Core distro.  Some blame may go 
> to FC and some to the GIMP website.  I do NOT know enough about 
> installing software and administering Linux systems to accurately 
> identify what made my experience so dreadful.  However, let me point out 
> that it just 'worked' on Windows.  All I had to do was download the exe 
> installer for GTK and GIMP, install A before B, and it was done.
> On Fedora, I tried installing RPM, but had failed dependencies that I 
> could *not* find. 
> The point is this.....it doesn't matter *why* it is difficult, it 
> matters that it *is* difficult.  The result is that people will not use 
> the GIMP unless they are on Windows, or they are/have access to a Linux 
> guru to install it.
Chopped Here
    Greg, For Fedora, you need to learn to use yum. If you installed FC 
from an RPM, it should already be there. Check in /etc for yum.conf . If 
it's not there, go to the source where you got the Fedora RPM and install 
yum.  For the new Gimp you need to be in Fedora Core 2.
    As ROOT, do an update to be sure you are current with patches.
       yum -y update   yum will check your system packages, for patches 
and dependancies, download the needed files, then run a test transaction 
to be sure it can succeed. Then it will do the installation. Running this 
on a regular basis will keep you up to date for any patches for 
vulnerabilities that have been found and corrected.
    To install Gimp run
       yum -y install gimp
I hope this helps.

John Dietsch

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