John Dietsch wrote:

Greg, For Fedora, you need to learn to use yum. If you installed FC from an RPM, it should already be there. Check in /etc for yum.conf . If it's not there, go to the source where you got the Fedora RPM and install yum. For the new Gimp you need to be in Fedora Core 2.

Should I take it that installing the new GIMP on FC1 is not significantly easier than on rh 9 (shrike)?

I am fairly happily running shrike but am not really up for burning too many more days trying to get GIMP 2.x running on it. I was assuming that the availability of a GIMP 2.x RPM for FC1 meant that there would be a smooth install and was planning on making an FC1 partition on my HDD.

What are people's experiences re: GIMP 2.x and FC1? Is it the same nightmare of rebuilding gtk2? Or is it better than rh 9?

I hope this helps.



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