> > What are people's experiences re:  GIMP 2.x and FC1?  Is it the
> > same nightmare of rebuilding gtk2?  Or is it better than rh 9?
>   I tried it.
>   There are 79 packages involed.
>   If you are not an expert do not try it.
>   If you are running RH9 or FC1 you can upgrade to FC2.
>   If you want the simple easy answer just upgrade to fc2.  It comes with
> version 2.0 of gimp.
> John

Hi guys,

It's possible that i'm just a lucky person, but it was no nightmare
installing GIMP 2.0.1 on FC1.

It complained about aalib, lcms and libexif, which i needed to install,
but after that, i was able to upgrade with only rpm commands.

There were some dependency issues but nothing serious.

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