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> Carol Spears wrote:
> >On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 09:28:55PM +0200, Simon Budig wrote:
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> >>You have yet to explain what is so bad to design a file selector so that
> >>Luis' mother can use it. I think this is a great goal (although the GTK+
> >>developers did overshot a bit, hampering the usability for
> >>computer-savvy people). And since GUI design and usability is not a pure
> >>"technical" topic the illustrative answer "it was designed so that my
> >>mother can use" is a perfectly valid answer. There very well might be no
> >>answer that suits your implied "technical" request.
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> After reviewing the change, I agree it is for the worse.  I was quite 
> pleased when I stumbled on the tab completion in the GIMP.  I much 
> prefer the older flavor which includes the tab completion as well as the 
> drop down directory selection.

Please note that I did not ask carol for the reasons why the new
GTK+-Filechooser has deficiencies. I'd guess that we would come to the
same conclusion very quick. I too see the need to improve the
GtkFilechooser and I am not happy with the current state.

If you read my question on top of the mail again you'll notice that I
did not ask what is bad about the fileselector, I asked what would be
bad with a fileselector that Luis Mother can use. I firmly believe that
making the FileChooser accessible to people with few computing
experience (lets say my grandmother, Luis Mother or whatever, pick your
favourite person) is a good goal to have in mind.

Implicitely you raise two questions:

1) What are the reasons for the way the (new) GtkFilechooser is

2) Why did GIMP switch from GtkFileSelector (old) to GtkFilechooser
(new) despite the deficiencies in the Filechooser?

I cannot really comment on question 1, since this is in the
responsibility of the GTK+-Team. There is (was? AFAIK it used to live on ) a document online that
discusses the reasoning behind the design.

For question 2 the person to ask probably is Sven or Mitch. From what I
understood the old Fileselector had quite a number of technical
problems. It was hard to extend with the stuff Gimp needs. Things like
the Thumbnail preview had to be embedded in a very hackish way, making
it very sensitive against changes in future versions of GTK+. Plus it is
foreseeable that the Fileselector will become deprecated at some point.

The Gimp always has been an early adopter of new GTK+ features and since
the FileChooser is a step in the right direction it was only logical to
use it and it should be our goal to help the GTK+ developers to overcome
the current problems in the FileChooser.

However, this needs cooperation with the GTK+ developers.

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