On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 08:05:04PM -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Myke C. Subs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [12-07-05 19:07]:
> > >Q. Where is the gimp-2.0.pc file?
> > >A. most likely in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
> > 
> > Nope.  It's in /opt/gnome/lib/pkgconfig
> You, at least, have one.  I have a SUSE install almost strictly rpm
> which has gimp-2.2.8-9 and there is *no* gimp-2.0.pc.
i am having problems with this because i have been using a different
distribution, and once you figure out how they work together -- well,
you can even see very very fine points where they don't.

to the very best of my understanding, although it is not written in
stone or anything like that, the distributions will only install the
stuff that runs on top of X in /usr and you get to install things in
/opt or /usr/local or even some directory you invent and "mkdir
myinvention" yourself.  i have never used suse, so they might do 
things differently.  perhaps they allow you to install their packages
elsewhere.  to be honest, i think they all started out as redhat.

the pc files are installed with the "-dev" packages.  are you certain
that you did not build your own or redirect the installation?

i am going to be really honest now.  it is days and challenges like this
that make me sorry we wrote about how to get and install gimp from cvs
and not about how to get and install gimp from a tarball.

the linux i know and wish you were using should have no problems putting
their packages where they should be and allowing you to find them with
your build tools and use them to make your own software.

debian names their distributions more according to where they are in
development.  stable is so stable it is boring, testing is usually
really stable it feels boring to use.  sid grows mold before they
update.  experimental is still behind what i would like to see in some
of the software i am using.

i have two questions now.  i sit here and try to imagine what the
problem is here.  one question is 1)what are the different suse
distributions and why did you choose that one and 2)did you redirect
your gimp installation?

i wonder if suse was trying to hard to be different from the redhat it
started life as that it now does not behave like a linux should.

it doesn't really need to be a my distribution is better than yours
discussion, especially since i know that it can be really difficult to
work with volunteers the way debian does and i can probably point to
evidence where it is a difficult way to work before you can.  i guess i
would at this point like to understand suse and what your expectations
are and the reason you are working with that particular version.

i do know its parent company let go a larger portion of its linux
employees and kept a larger portion of its employees that keep its
enemies software alive.  as two users, we are totally allowed to guess
at what this might do to users of this distribution.  at least i think
we can.

a few years ago, it was possible to say "type this" into any terminal
and with the occasional exception of usually gentoo, it always worked.

i honestly started this thinking it would be installed and working
sanely days ago.


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