* Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [12-07-05 20:50]:
> i am having problems with this because i have been using a different
> distribution, and once you figure out how they work together -- well,
> you can even see very very fine points where they don't.

they are all the same only different.

> to the very best of my understanding, although it is not written in
> stone or anything like that, the distributions will only install the
> stuff that runs on top of X in /usr and you get to install things in
> /opt or /usr/local or even some directory you invent and "mkdir
> myinvention" yourself.  i have never used suse, so they might do 
> things differently.  perhaps they allow you to install their packages
> elsewhere.  to be honest, i think they all started out as redhat.

no, SuSE is from Slackware as is Redhat.

> the pc files are installed with the "-dev" packages.  are you certain
> that you did not build your own or redirect the installation?

Installed from the distro dvd and updated in the same position.

> i am going to be really honest now.  it is days and challenges like this
> that make me sorry we wrote about how to get and install gimp from cvs
> and not about how to get and install gimp from a tarball.

tarballs upset the rpm way.  If you are going to use rpm, you need to
stick with rpm.  tarballs do not update the rpm database and package
dependencies don't match, file locations end up where the programmer
designs rather that following the distro......

> the linux i know and wish you were using should have no problems putting
> their packages where they should be and allowing you to find them with
> your build tools and use them to make your own software.

there was a drive that SUSE was party to, to create a base standard
file system design to be followed, but I don't belive that everyone
has bought into it.

> debian names their distributions more according to where they are in
> development.  stable is so stable it is boring, testing is usually
> really stable it feels boring to use.  sid grows mold before they
> update.  experimental is still behind what i would like to see in some
> of the software i am using.

SUSE is pretty much cutting edge.

> i have two questions now.  i sit here and try to imagine what the
> problem is here.  one question is 1)what are the different suse
> distributions and why did you choose that one and 2)did you redirect
> your gimp installation?

1.  I still am using 9.0, but have 10.0 on the disktop ready to
    install.  I seem to drag my feet when I get something to work
    really well.  SUSE has two main (not commercial) distros now, one
    with only open source freely downloadable and one iso which is
    sold and contains a few things like acroread...

2.  I installed from the distro dvd and have updated apps in the same
    locations as the original install.  (via rpm)
> i wonder if suse was trying to hard to be different from the redhat it
> started life as that it now does not behave like a linux should.

not from Redhat, from Slackware.  But they are not trying to show that
they are different than Slackware.  There is no longer any simularity
other than they are both linux.

> it doesn't really need to be a my distribution is better than yours
> discussion, especially since i know that it can be really difficult to
> work with volunteers the way debian does and i can probably point to
> evidence where it is a difficult way to work before you can.  i guess i
> would at this point like to understand suse and what your expectations
> are and the reason you are working with that particular version.

I have used maybe 20 different distros over the years, starting with
Slackware downloaded onto >20 floppy disks on a 1200 baud telephone
modum.  I guess I just feel SUSE fits the best.  I also have a '99
Harley Wide Glide, but rode Yamaha rockets for many years.

> i do know its parent company let go a larger portion of its linux
> employees and kept a larger portion of its employees that keep its
> enemies software alive.  as two users, we are totally allowed to guess
> at what this might do to users of this distribution.  at least i think
> we can.

I know that they cut people, but I beleve that the SUSE development
team is mostly intact.  The cuts were mostly in other areas.

> a few years ago, it was possible to say "type this" into any terminal
> and with the occasional exception of usually gentoo, it always worked.
> i honestly started this thinking it would be installed and working
> sanely days ago.

file system design......

If you would like a look at the rpm I updated gimp with, it's
available at:

the directory structure and requirements are within the rpm.
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