On Thursday 08 December 2005 23:26, Carol Spears wrote:
> i did not mean to say anything bad about suse.  i have been alive for
> several decades and have other experiences that make me question the
> title "professional" in things and when describing people.  and not
> all experiences with the title have been bad either.  it really
> simply seems to be independent of the word, whether the software or
> the person is such.
> i stated and i meant it, that i have never used the distribution. 
> this is the reason i wanted to know how it works.  both to build
> things on and to get answers from.
Oh I understand Carol.  I'm not pointing fingers either, I was just 
wondering what all the noise was about for such a simple thing, it 
seemed to me.  Building/compiling things are as simple in SuSE as they 
are in any Linux.  You need certain files & devel files installed to 
compile different programs.  The compile will tell you if they aren't 
present.  If certain programs haven't been updated to work with the 
newer GCC, you might run into problems, but that's not as likely as 
missing files.  SuSE 10 uses the new GCC 4 now and I don't believe 
Debian is there yet.  That's not an odd thing for Debian and sometimes 
it's difficult running a leading edge distro, but most times it's 

> > It's those darn Debian users that confuse things while not
> > following the LSB, etc.  Maybe one day they can use a good Linux
> > distro too?  Don't you think SuSE people?  ;o)
> i use debian because the gimp people suggested it.  working with
> debian and working with them have both been challenges.
> i can make my computer work and i can make software work, but i
> cannot make a place for myself in the world.  at this point, it seems
> that it would take little boys to grow up or old boys to shut up or
> other women to give it up -- i dunno.
> does anyone know a good lawyer?  forget the distribution and license
> wars.  I am simply in need of a good lawyer now, myself.  it is much
> more important than whether gimp-perl can build on suse or not.  it
> is even more important than if gimp is better than other apps or can
> do this or has a useable gui.
> this one human being needs a lawyer.
> thanks,
> carol
> _______________________________________________

Oh good grief, let's not bring in any lawyers, it's confusing enough as 
it is!!  ;o)

Basically Carol, Linux is Linux.  There are some differences, but when 
things work, they work as Linux.  Now all we need to do is figure out 
what is going on and simply how to fix it.  Explain the problem from 
the original poster (OP) please or somebody, to see if things are 
simply misunderstandings or really complicated.

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