Unreal.  Okay, here in Canada the google search I indicated brings up
the following in order of top ranking:

1)  The first is this link where someone with Cerebral Palsy is
discussing the term Gimp and other "derogatory terms"

2)  The second link hits Wikipedia, with the very first part of the
excerpt on the search indicating "Gimp is usually a derogatory term .."

3)  The third link goes to The Linux Advocate blog where the author is
comparing Gimp vs. Photoshop and what do you suppose is the first item
on his list .. "The Name".

These go on and on, but perhaps it's only a North American cultural
effect.  My point remains the same.

Yosh, with an e-mail address at gimp.org I'd count you on the side of
proud long term or regular contributor who is simply not going to see
any other side.  If you can point out a single commercial product that
has mass use in North America that has a derogatory term in it's title,
I'll withdraw my critique and be gone.  I consider the quality of the
GIMP on par with much commercial software, but it has an image problem
(pun however you want it).


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On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 12:38:02PM -0600, Roland Hordos wrote:
> >> can you proove your claim?
> Sigh.  Try googling "is gimp a derogatory term".  If you read the
> sources at the first 10 hits and you still don't understand, then try
> the next 15000.

That is not proof.

Search for just plain "gimp" on any major search engine, and the
majority of the links refer to this project.

In fact, changing the name of the project would hurt adoption more, by
giving up search engine presence, and having a fairly easy to remember
four letter name as a search term to begin with.

> Sven, coincidentally while I began to read your response I received a
> call from an engineering user here wanting to edit a scanned document
> with Paint or Photoshop.  I can't justify the cost of photoshop for
> desktops and paint is useless.  I would install the GIMP software for
> him in a heartbeat if I didn't worry that he might be offended by the
> reference.  Any corporate business environment has, or should have,
> sense of decency.

Most corporate business environments would be in violation of their
terms of governence by rejecting potential cost-savings solely on
nebulous claims such as this. You probably should be reprimanded for
this behavior.


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