On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 05:32:46PM -0600, Roland Hordos wrote:
> Unreal.  Okay, here in Canada the google search I indicated brings up
> the following in order of top ranking:
> 1)  The first is this link where someone with Cerebral Palsy is
> discussing the term Gimp and other "derogatory terms"
> http://www.flspinalcord.us/FSCIRC-Directors-Blog.cfm
> 2)  The second link hits Wikipedia, with the very first part of the
> excerpt on the search indicating "Gimp is usually a derogatory term .."
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimp_(sadomasochism)
> 3)  The third link goes to The Linux Advocate blog where the author is
> comparing Gimp vs. Photoshop and what do you suppose is the first item
> on his list .. "The Name".
> http://thelinuxadvocate.blogspot.com/2006/08/gimp-vs-photoshop-what-stil
> l-needs-to.html
> These go on and on, but perhaps it's only a North American cultural
> effect.  My point remains the same.

Irrelevant. Of course a search for "is gimp a derogatory term" will
bring up hits about derogatory terms, because a search for "derogatory
term" will bring up hits about derogatory terms as well.

Like I said before, a search for "GIMP" itself brings a majority hits
related to the project. You seem to have ignored that. Following your
claim that search engines have the pulse on cultural effects, that means
that the use of gimp as something insulting has very low usage, relative
to other usage.

You also ignored my point that changing the name would abandon current
search engine rankings and harm the project more than whatever gains
by bending over to the childish demands of people who only judge things
on names and can't actually think through things properly.

> Yosh, with an e-mail address at gimp.org I'd count you on the side of
> proud long term or regular contributor who is simply not going to see
> any other side.  If you can point out a single commercial product that
> has mass use in North America that has a derogatory term in it's title,
> I'll withdraw my critique and be gone.  I consider the quality of the
> GIMP on par with much commercial software, but it has an image problem
> (pun however you want it).

Nah, you'll be gone because you're an idiot who just wants to stir
trouble and pull claims out thin air, with no basis behind them

The way you answered my mail illustrates that you can't defend your
ridiculous claims and choose to hide behind silly handwaving instead.

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