There is another aspect about this whole PC thing with names etc. that annoys me. There are way more than enough real problems in the world such as children dieing every few seconds. While real problems like this exist I find concern over a small issue like the name of a software package somewhat trivial. I don't want you to take my remarks personally, but the fact of the matter is that at the rate that various special interest groups are itemizing things that 'offend' their sensibilities we are likely to need a special 'dictionary' of inappropriate terms and words. I think that it's time we all grew up and just got on with life. I repeat, don't take this personally, these are just my views. Oh, and by the way, there are several words in widespread use that reflect very negatively on my own cultural heritage. I know and understand the terms but most of the people using them don't - I've asked. I've also never explained them to my children so they won't have the problem either. In general, I find that when a word or term is decreed 'wrong' or non-PC, all it does is attract attention and in an inverse way, help perpetuate whatever bigotry gave rise to it in the first place.


Michael Schumacher wrote:
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If you can point out a single commercial product that has mass use in North America that has a derogatory term in it's title, I'll withdraw my critique and be gone.


Both sorts.


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