Brendan wrote:
> On Monday 18 December 2006 19:52, lists wrote:
>> Carter castor wrote:
>>> This goes right to the heart of my biggest complaint about GIMP
>>> though: its name.  I don't understand why the developers would put so
>>> much time and hard work into creating a program as professional as
>>> GIMP and then name it after a slang word for a disabled person.  How
>>> do you sell that to a corporation?  How do you market that?  The
>>> people in business suits are going to chose a program named Photoshop
>>> over Gimp 11 times out of 10.
>> Oh my God, let's not start this again.  It's an acronym, get over it.
> Oh wait, Geoffrey says "Get over it". Everybody with an opinion or actual 
> relevent facts, forget it. Geoffrey said so.
Well, he's got a valid point.  I don't get why everyone is discussing 
the word "Gimp" from an English language standpoint when Gimp is an 
*acronym*, as I also pointed out earlier on in this discussion.

For example,  "Sarasota County Area Transit" is a name of a transit 
agency and its acronym is rather interesting.  :)


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