On Friday 22 December 2006 02:44, jim wrote:
> Eric P wrote:
> > I'm lazy, and I don't feel like reading this entire thread (it seems to
> > show up on a regular basis on the list).
> >
> > Were any new, constructive insights brought up?  Anyone care to summarize
> > this thread on this exhausting topic?
> Summary to date: Noobs keep joining the list and want the name changed
> to match their sensibilities.  They threaten to continue to add to the
> noise part of the signal to noise ratio until they get their way (see
> "kill file").  I suggest a new list dedicated to their traffic;
> gimp-name-haters@, thereby relieving the rest of the users and devo's
> from actually having to slog through their repeated attempts at
> "reasoning".

It's good to see that this happens SO OFTEN that cutesy little paragraphs can 
be written about how a few people know so much better than the "Noobs". God, 
what condescension and arrogance.
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