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David Southwell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It seems to me there are two issues which seem to be confused and
> rolled into one seeminly illogical construct.
> 1. Whether some contributors to this list should take it upon
> themselves to try and stop other contributors, who either wish to
> discuss gimpshop issues from doing so.
> 2. Whether gimpshop should be declared as being officially supported
> by the list owners.
> On the first point my reaction to those adopting an authoritarian
> position is "come on guys loosen up". It gives the impression that a
> few people with an axe to grind  want to freeze out gimpshop rather
> than encouraging any extensions of gimp, of which gimpshop is one, to
> mature.

This list is hosted by the GIMP project. If you want to discuss another
project that openly rejected GIMP and refused to listen to
the team's advices on how to properly implement Gimpshop to benefit
from bugfixes and new releases, you can do so by finding another list
or creating one yourself.

You can't ask the GIMP project to not moderate the mailing list they
host. Noone forces you to use this list if you dislike the way it is

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