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>> I have no experience of UFRaw.  If you can get your images into gimp my
>> plug-in should work.  I have just changed it to remove the saving of
>> data.  I will be interested in your experience.
>> Geoff
>I have tried with the plug-in but, unfortunately, I cannot detect
>anything happening. I use Gimp 2.6.X and Ubuntu 10.4 and I will try to
>explain what I did. I downloaded the file, installed it in the
>appropriate plug-ins folder and set the permissions to execute. The
>entry Batch Restore appeared in Gimp at the bottom of Filters. With a
>slide copy loaded in Gimp I selected Batch Restore and a window opened
>headed python-fu_batch_restore offering various options. I tried various
>Degree of Restoration settings with Make less blue and also tried
>turning Make less blue to No but in all cases on clicking OK the window
>immediately closed and nothing seems to happen. 
>The image I am working with was prepared by photographing the slide
>using a close up attachment and is the JPG image straight from the
>Am I doing something wrong or should I assume that the slide which is
>getting on for 30 years old and from which the copy was made has no
>deterioration in the colours? 
Sorry you are having problems.  It sounds to me that you are confusing the
"batch_restore" plug-in with the "restore" plug-in.  The former is for doing a
whole set of photographs.  The latter is for a single one. Load the image into
gimp and go to the "restore" menu at the top of the window.  It should open a
new window containing the restored image.

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