norman wrote:
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>> Thanks for your message.  As you deduce I am more interested in the
>> processing algorithm than the coding.  There are too many poor results at the
>> moment and I suspect there will be modifications to the method when I have
>> more experience of its performance.  For this reason I have not put it on a
>> gimp site.  I am happy for anyone to develop the plug-in further and improve
>> the interface but there is not much point until the algorithm is unlikely to
>> change.  I have killed the spurious hidden image which was left over from the
>> way of correcting the side absorptions.
> Geoff, I have started to look at a number of copies of old Kodachrome
> slides and I am beginning to get together several comments many of which
> would be best exemplified by examples. Therefore, I would like to know
> whether, at this stage in the development and because of your main
> interest being in the algorithm, you and other readers would think it
> best if this subject was continued outside this list.
> Norman   
The subject's of considerable interest to me and I'd like to be kept 
aware of any developments. So for my 0.02c worth, I'd prefer it to stay 
on the main list.

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