>Quoting geoff <for...@gimpusers.com>:
>> I was scanning a lot of colour transparencies, some taken up to 40 years
>> and found that in some cases the colours had deteriorated badly.  After a
>> of experimenting I have developed an automatic way of improving the
>> scans using gimp.  I have put a technical article, the gimp plug-in, and
>> collection of the good and bad results at
>> www.lionhouse.plus.com/photosoftware/restore. I would be interested   
>> in hearing from anyone who has worked on this problem and if you try
>> the plug-in let me know how it works for your pictures.
>Your script produces some very impressive results and your methodology  
>is quite ingenious. I especially like how you exploit the quantization  
>capabilities of GIMP (i.e., using Indexed colormaps).
>I was wondering what licensing your script is released under. There is  
>room for improvement of your script, particularly with regard to its  
>behavior as a GIMP plug-in and it would be easier to develop your  
>script further if it were licensed to allow the sharing of derivatives  
>(GPL, BSD, etc). This is especially true if your main interest lies  
>with the image algorithms and you are less interested in the demands  
>of the GIMP plug-in interface (e.g., handling UNDO, honoring  
>selections, providing more flexible utility, menu location, etc). One  
>thing that should be fixed fairly soon is that your script seems to  
>produce a hidden image (i.e., no "view" associated) and neglect to  
>remove it when finished.
Thanks for your message.  As you deduce I am more interested in the
processing algorithm than the coding.  There are too many poor results at the
moment and I suspect there will be modifications to the method when I have
more experience of its performance.  For this reason I have not put it on a
gimp site.  I am happy for anyone to develop the plug-in further and improve
the interface but there is not much point until the algorithm is unlikely to
change.  I have killed the spurious hidden image which was left over from the
way of correcting the side absorptions.

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